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The first step in creating a custom crafted lighting fixture is for me to understand the setting that the light(s) will be used in.  I create my work to fit the area and needs of each individual client, therefore having a clear understanding of the setting is critical to the final creation.  I require photos and measurements of the space, including ceiling height, window and door placement, and your basic layout.  If you want architectural details incorporated into your lighting, photos and possibly measurements of those details are required.   Any light for a specific work area requires full dimensions of the work area surface, and the type/color of the surface material.  If local, I am happy to make a trip to look at the space that we are discussing.  For extended travel out of state, I will provide you with a detailed costing of my travel that is payable at the time of the visit.

I will provide you with plans and an estimated timeline for your commission and depending on the project, I may create drawings or images for you to sign off on and approve.  On large or complex work, I may create a prototype fixture out of galvanized sheet metal (no mica) for you to temporarily hang in your space so that you can feel how the piece fits into your space.  This prototype remains the property of Robin Wolf Studio and will be returned to me at my request.  Once approved, I will provide you a rough estimate of the cost of the project for your signature.  Any changes to the commission will be in writing with associated costs included and requires a signature by both parties.  Standard ceiling or wall mounts for each piece are included in the price.  You are fully responsible for installation of the fixtures.  All electrical connections should be made by a licensed electrician, Robin Wolf Studio LLC assumes nor accepts any liability for any structural or electrical issues once the light is installed by you or your contractor.  Click here for a downloadable PDF file of my copper work. 


Once the finalized design and pricing are agreed upon, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due   The balance of payment is due upon delivery or shipment of the work to you.  Shipping costs are borne by the customer unless otherwise written and signed in the original commission documents.  

All custom commissions are 100% non-refundable.

I am happy to provide photos of the progress of your commission as it is created.  You are always welcome to stop by the studio, or I am available via Zoom or FaceTime.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, I am happy to answer your questions.

19779 E 760 Road

Kingfisher, OK  73750

Tel: 405.368.0919

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