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I make pottery and copper work that is to be used; I hold it and carry it, testing to see what it will feel like in your hands, striving to make pieces that are comfortable and familiar to each of us.  Each piece is uniquely designed to compliment the natural beauty that Mother Nature bestows upon us.


My hope is to provide you with a piece of art that you, your family and friends will treasure for many years to come. All pottery pieces are fired to Cone 6 with food safe glazes, and are fully functional. 


Each piece of copper and mica for my copper and mica shades and lighting fixtures are hand cut, hand formed and hand finished by me. Each edge of every piece is sanded and buffed to a smooth finish, then hand waxed to preserve the natural fire patina created when I temper and hammer the copper. After the copper pieces are hand formed to fit each specific part of the shade, I hand drill each individual hole, hand place each rivet,  and bind the copper together with the mica, forming each individually crafted piece.


My mark is "L2K".  Created for the people that make this possible; my husband Larry and my daughters, Lexie, Kian, and Kaily, 2 L's and 2 K's.


My friend, Rhonda Lane, a teacher for Calumet Schools, put together a great video piece on Robin Wolf Pottery as a class project for "Celebrate Oklahoma".  You can see the video about my work and studio at  Celebrate Oklahoma Voices ;a learning community empowering digital witnesses of Oklahoma oral history.


Robin Wolf Pottery was also featured on August 28, 2010 (episode 845) on "Discover Oklahoma" ,a wonderful show that highlights unique and interesting places to visit and things to see in Oklahoma.

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